About me

Arcy, pseudonym of Mariarcangela Laddaga, is an Italian artist working in the field of portraiture and figurative painting.
She was born in Gravina in Puglia (Italy) in 1994 and since she was a child she has loved to give free rein to her creativity through drawing.

As the years went by, it was in the art of portraiture that she found the best way to express her emotions and those of those around her: she liked to observe every detail in people’s expressions and then search for it on paper, in the faces of the subjects of her drawings.
In 2008, she attended art school in Matera. At the same time, she began to make a name for herself as a portrait painter in her country.

In 2015 she enrolled first in the Faculty of Cultural Heritage and in 2018 she continued her studies by attending the Master’s degree course in Art History.

After graduating with a Master’s degree, in 2021 she devoted herself full-time to her passions, drawing and painting. She creates works that are characterised by the use of acrylic colours, particularly black and white, on vintage book pages. By combining images and words, she tries to create the story of each subject he creates.
A great source of inspiration is the contemporary art of Loui Jover (1967), to which he combines a naturalistic way of constructing figures, which he looks up to one of the great masters of the Italian artistic tradition: Caravaggio. The use of light also comes from Caravaggio: the figures are modelled through strong contrasts between areas of light and shadow.
She prefers the immediacy and spontaneity of acrylics for his work in water. The subjects of her paintings are mostly female figures, full of often unspoken feelings, expressed exclusively by sensual movements and direct gazes.
Arcy’s art has emerged thanks to the online auction market, through which many of her works have been sold in Europe, housed in private collections in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands etc..

"Every obstacle is a challenge to grow and bring out my most creative side"